SterlingCars.lk was launched by Sterling Automobiles Lanka Pvt Ltd – one of Sri Lanka’s prominent automobile service providers. SterlingCars.lk is a web platform which aims to provide a marketplace for buying and selling automobiles. The website offers a comprehensive range of vehicles, covering a plethora of makes and models.

The design of SterlingCars.lk aims to provide a free of charge, simple, fast and reliable buying and selling experience to consumers. Through this website Sterling Automobiles aims to drive online sales for cars of all makes and models, and hopes that it will be an ideal platform for potential vehicle buyers and sellers to get the right value for a product.

Why buy through Sterling Cars?

  • The site is completely free of charge.
  • Fast, easy and simple.
  • Transparent – there are no hidden charges.
  • A plethora of benefits are offered to customers who buy vehicles through SterlingCars.lk, such as a year worth of labour free services from Sterling Aftercare Centre.

Our Edge

Sterling cars is a platform which connects buyers and sellers of vehicles. Whether you are a vehicle seller searching for a marketplace or a potential buyer looking for your dream car, this is the place to be.
A fast and easily accessible design.
A plethora of makes and models to choose from.
Get the leasing instalment for a vehicle in real time.
Benefits for buyers who purchase vehicles via the site.
Fast, simple and easy.
Round-the-clock backend support.